Last month I did something that a year ago I never would’ve believed I could do.

I moved to the other side of the world. By myself.

I left my comforting safety net of my close friends & family to start a journey that initially was just a University paper, turned into a bit of a way to be creative and use what I was learning.

I knew it was a big step to take my little business to the other side of the world. But in the same way I felt when I took the business over by myself, my gut instinct told me this was what I needed to do. I felt like I had outgrown NZ and what I wanted to achieve in the NZ rental market. While I am confident the girls I have safely left the NZ store in the hands of have it under control, I felt like if I didn’t take the opportunity to take on the UK market I wouldn’t be achieving my goals the way I initially set out to.

Moving has meant that I have had to leave my favourite humans and my support system, but it has also allowed me to be involved in a different field I never thought I would be involved in. When I came to London on an internship last year I saw a niche and I figured if I didn’t move over and I didn’t do it fast then I would regret it. I feel so privileged to work with the amazing TBC girls I work with, the lovely ladies we rent to and that both parties I have developed close friendships with.Being so passionate about my love for what I do, I felt that it was something I needed to explore overseas.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact I can pop over to Greece or France cheaper than it costs to go to Queenstown for the weekend surely has it’s benefits, but I am also at the stage where I am working longer than full time hours during the week, pretty much alone at this stage. But I am really hoping it pays off. And my little secret project that will be revealed in a few months time may prove to not only myself but my loyal followers that it has paid off…

I feel like I have been so blessed to be approached and be working with the incredible Australian brands that I do (the best you are yet to find out about). But none of that would’ve happened if I didn’t believe in myself or listen to the people around me. Confidence is funny like that. Sometimes it can feel like the people who you surround yourself with believe in you more than you do.

Since starting Something Borrowed and taking it over myself to become The Borrowed Collective, confidence has played a major role in both the growth of my business and myself. I think I am a bit of a classic example of “fake it till you make it”, however I have met so many incredible women who have changed my perception on being confident. I like to share their knowledge with you in our confidence issue pieces. Mostly because I want The Borrowed Collective to be a place where you come to be inspired, enhance your confidence and join us in striving to be the you, you want to be. Whether that is through the ability to wear designer pieces at an affordable price or be confident to take a major leap to the other side of the world.

I don’t know about you, but knowing we are all in the same boat trying to achieve our goals helps me. Sometimes you just need to know that you aren’t alone in trying to girlboss it, wear the latest trend or push yourself to take a leap of faith not knowing the outcome.

Lots of Love,

Ashleigh x