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Confidence Issue: Simone Anderson – Journey To Health

We’ve been following Simone since she first appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. Her journey has inspired so many women in New Zealand and globally. This week we interview Simone on what makes her so confident and how we can all inject a little bit more self love into our lives.

Who is Simone Anderson?

I truly am your every day kiwi chick, just wanting to make a difference in the world. I began quite selfishly sharing my 92kg weight loss journey online to keep myself accountable. Before long my social pages grew quite a large following (now reaching nearly 600,000 people) and have now become my full time job. I help inspire others daily by being raw and truthful, sharing everything from workouts, beauty routines to recipes and outfit posts. Showing people that a simple mindset change can lead you to a live you only dreamed of.

What made you want to begin your journey to health?

It was a huge build of lots of tiny things, some as simple as being to tired to bring the bin up the driveway that made me realise I was really only living a half life and something had to change. I go into far my detail about my switch and what lead to me wanting to want changes in my book “Journey to Health”

Did having confidence in yourself play a big role in initially sharing your journey online?

More than anything! From the get go this confidence made me believe in myself and truly know I was capable of anything I set my mind to.

What does confidence mean to you and how do you approach this in your everyday life?

For me confidence is knowing what I believe in, knowing what I stand for and knowing what message I have to share. Its realising that no matter what anyone else thinks or says that I know I am making even a small difference in this world!

What empowers you as a woman?

For me I feel empowered when I realise that I don’t have to live anyone else’s life or follow anyone else’s rules for how they wish me to life. This is my life and realising I have to power to do and achieve what ever I set my mind to is empowering.

What knocks your confidence down and how do you deal with that?

I used to find that trolls and negative comments would really knock my confidence, I would find myself thinking and often crying about these comments or words for days. Then I had a good long think about it and realised that these people must be really struggling in themselves to find the need to be nasty to someone they don’t know online. I then started to feel sorry for these people and always meet their negative comments with kind words – kindness ALWAYS wins.

After your last surgery you had a lot of trolls that you chose to screencap and share with your followers, exposing not only the people who sent you these messages but also the awful comments you sometimes receive. Do you have any advice on how to deal with negative comments and not let it effect you?

Same as above!

What advice would you give our customers about self confidence and believing in themselves, embracing themselves for who they really are?

That difference and uniqueness is what makes this world amazing, the minute we stop trying to be like everyone else and embrace ourselves “flaws” and all is the minute we realise how truly amazing we really are.

What piece of clothing makes you feel confident to take on the world?

A matching set of bra and undies always makes me feel super sexy and empowered. I love that no one else can see it, so its purely for me! How bloody cool is that!

Do you think your style and the way you dress has evolved as you have become more confident within yourself?

I have always loved fashion, clothes and accessories. I just have more options to play with and definitely have more styles that suit me so I guess this does make you more confident. I love being able to walk into any shop and know I will fit / find something that will suit me. Before I literally had one shop in Auckland I could go to!

What women inspire you?

There are so many I don’t even know where to begin. But I love woman killing it in my own backyard, I love supporting kiwi woman smashing their dreams! Girls like Riley from Healthchick101, Zoe from blessed In Doubles, Makaia Carr, Julia and Libby, Jessica Quinn & Donielle Brooke just to name a few – these ladies all shine in their own unique way and all make the world a better place! Sharing there experiences and highs and lows with the world, its truly humbling seeing them smashing their goals and dreams!

What’s your favourite piece out of The Borrowed Collective and why?

The Tower of Power. Its sexy, beautiful and feminine!



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Confidence Issue: Sarah Walsh – Key To Life Trust

Mental illness is something that has touched all of us. Either personally or through someone we love. Sarah Walsh is an incredible woman raising money for the Key To Life Trust raising awareness for mental health and suicide. We interviewed her this week in our confidence issue to hear a little more about her inspiring journey.

Who is Sarah Walsh? 

I’m still trying to find out! I’m a 24 year old, who lives in Wellington and am working my dream job at MediaWorks. Riding the wave of ups and downs my life brings me with my cute cat Roxy and my amazing family!

What made you want to be involved with the Key To Life Charitable Trust??

It was my mum who told me about Key to Life Charitable Trust after sharing a video on Facebook with Mike King campaigning for mental health awareness and suicide prevention and I thought, finally! Someone is speaking out in New Zealand and actively working towards a goal – I have to be involved in this!!

After being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2016, for so long I had no one to look to for hope, I felt like no one else understood and that no one was talking about it, I felt like an outsider and alone in my battle. After meeting a lot of other people involved with KTL I felt like I had an instant connection with them and that I had to spread the message of love, hope and awareness and most importantly a change in attitude.

What does confidence mean to you and how do you approach this in your everyday life?

I feel that confidence can be a fickle thing, at the end of the day you must rely on yourself for it as confidence should come from within. With social media it’s tough as I can often fall into the trap of looking for a validation boost, along with many others! I do struggle with self-esteem a lot but lately I’ve learned to focus on MY wins, instead of what I don’t have. Own what you do! Celebrate your wins!   

What empowers you as a woman? 

I like to challenge society’s mind set, I see that we have so much potential and so much more to achieve and I’m motivated to get there.  

What knocks your confidence down and how do you deal with that? 

This is actually something I find quite tough! Some days I feel like it won’t take much for me to knock my confidence down and I start doubting myself and the negative chat in my head begins, it’s awful! I always let my family know how I’m feeling and a few friends for support, people that I know I can say whatever to without them judging!
I always know in a few hours my mind will move on from it – but I just hold tight everything is temporary. I also think accepting that I feel like that is really good too, because I swear my brain wants to move on to closure rather than be stuck in denial.

How has confidence helped you with being so open about mental illness and your journey? 

In all honesty, I was really fired up! I was sick of not reading anything positive or reading about bipolar disorder being described in a horrible way. I was sick of celebrities only saying a few quotes about mental health or mental illness. I was sad that there wasn’t anyone to look up to here in NZ. (Before I found out about Key To Life). If no one is going to talk about it, I better start. It is scary, I do sometimes feel as some people are looking at me differently now I am so public with my struggles; it’s taken a lot of confidence! I want others to feel that they aren’t alone and that they are never too far from someone else who has the same struggles as they do and that we are all in this together. Sometimes I’ve had to take a few deep breaths and say to myself that I can do this, because sometimes I do doubt myself and get scared of what people will think.

What advice would you give our customers about self confidence and believing in themselves, embracing themselves for who they really are?

Focus on your wins, your best assets! –Very short and simple but it works. Own it!


What piece of clothing makes you feel confident to take on the world? 

A dress! Much less stressful than trying to find “Jeans and a nice top”.

Do you think your style and the way you dress has evolved as you have become more confident within yourself?

Yes it sure has, I used to wear black a lot when I was younger (17, 18), black tee-shirt and black jeans. I was so self-conscious. Now I love colour! (I try and avoid black since it’s so hard to find in my wardrobe or to be honest my floordrobe..!)


What women inspire you? 

Zoe Lawton (New Zealander) who set up a #metoo blog to provide legal professionals and law students with a safe and neutral platform to share their experiences of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination! She opened up the conversation and shed light on what is happening in our legal industry. How freaking awesome is that!? I am in awe of the courage she has to take on big legal firms because I would have been shaking in my boots.

What’s your favourite piece out of The Borrowed Collective and why?

The Objective Flare Mini Dress! It’s so beautiful, I’ve never worn something like this before and I felt amazing it in.


You can read more on Key to Life here and follow Sarah on her journey here