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Browse through our selection of designer dresses and find one that you love.

Choose the date you wish to loan the dress for before ordering using the calendar within the product page. Choose the exact date of your event. Make sure you book at least 5 days prior to your event to make sure it arrives to you on time.

Once your item has been added to the cart, head over to the checkout and finalise your order! You’ll receive a confirmation email outlining your rental date, item requested and the required return date. Make sure you read our rental agreement carefully before placing your order.

The next business day after your event, place the garment in the prepaid return bag and drop it to your post office. Garments must be returned prior to the return date noted on your order, otherwise you may incur a late fee.

PS: Email your picture of you looking stunning in your garment to admin@theborrowedcollective.co.nz or tag us on social media for a feature.

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