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When will my order be sent?

Your order will be sent 1-3 days prior to your booked date on overnight courier and you will receive an email with the tracking as soon as it’s sent. The amount of days sent beforehand depends on when we received the dress back from the prior customer. We will always aim to send this to you as early in the week of your rental as we possibly can.

What date should I actually book my rental for?

Book your rental for the date of your event. We will always do our best to ensure this is with you in time 1-3 days before your booked date. We will base your return date the following business day you ordered your rental for. To avoid a late fee and to ensure all rentals arrive with every customer on time, it’s crucial to return your rental the date clearly marked on your postcard when you receive your parcel. If you require the dress earlier than your specified order date, please send us an email.

I’ve changed my mind or my event has been cancelled, can I cancel my rental?

All orders are able to be cancelled/refunded in the first 24 hours once the booking has been created.

Do you do posted try ons?

We currently have try-ons by appointment in Auckland, however we don’t post for try-ons as it creates too many issues if a dress is rented two weekends in a row. It means that someone may miss out on actually wanting to rent it for the date you want to try it on. We understand that renting can be a little risky if you haven’t tried on the dress prior, so we do have a back-up dress service where you can rent two dresses, try them on and decided which one suits you best on the day. You can find out more about this service so many of our customers love here.

I have designer dresses that I want to sell, do you buy second hand?

All of our dresses have been purchased brand new in perfect condition, we currently only buy garments directly from the brand.

I want to rent an item for more than one night, how do I do this?

Send us an email and we will be able to arrange this for you.

Do you ship to Australia?

Unfortunately at the moment we currently don’t as the turn around is too long, however stay tuned!

I need a dress for Christmas or New Years. What day do I book for?

If your event date is any time between the 20th of December – 5th of Jan due to limited courier service you will receive your rental on the 20th of December.

If I’ve booked for the holiday period, Which day do I need to return my dress?

You can return it on the 4th of Jan, however if you would prefer to drop it back to the post earlier that’s not a problem.

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